Environmental Policy

Based on the awareness and responsibility of leaving a clean and livable environment, we adopt the principles of environmental protection and continuous improvement and development of the works to be carried out in this regard. In line with this principle, our policy is; 

  • To comply with national and international legislation and other obligations regarding the environment, 
  • To use information and technologies that will enable the protection of environment, 
  • To Implement and make sustainable all effective, preventive and permanent measures to protect the environment,
  • To protect and use natural resources in the most efficient way,
  • To ensure the minimization of wastes by reducing them at their source, to investigate alternatives for reuse, and to ensure recovery and/or recycling,
  • To implement and follow environmental review and continuous improvement activities in all operational activities and products,
  • To increase and make sustainable the environmental responsibility awareness of all employees and relevant suppliers/subcontractors.