About Us

Aydınlar Gear&Machine was established on a total area of 9000 m², 3600 m² of which is closed area, located in Izmir Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone. Our company, which started operation with the manufacture of gears and gearboxes, as it specialized in its field, has become one of the leading companies in Türkiye in the design and manufacture of large-size heavy-duty gearboxes, which are used especially in heavy industry establishments.

Later on,  AYMAK STEEL, our another brand, was established in order to establish complete turnkey facilities, especially in the iron and steel industry, and to prepare and implement projects for capacity and quality increase in existing facilities. It continues its production actively as AYMAK STEEL brand.

With its knowledge and production experience of more than 36 years, our company has managed to become one of the leading companies of Türkiye in its field. The values underlying the success of our company can be listed as being fast, high quality and economical. Our goal is always defined as "Continuous Improvement". In the process of realizing these goals, we closely follow the technological developments in the world, and continue to work in coordination with the R&D unit in order to provide an advantage to all industrialists engaged in production.