Our Principles

As required by our corporate culture, we adopt the values stated below, value them and undertake to continue our operation following these values.

Scientificness, Innovativeness, Creativeness and Openness to Change

Considering the value of the knowledge that is at the foundation of our organization, we care and value wisdom and science.
In order to make effective and innovative thinking applicable, we believe in the necessity of achieving high quality and scientific productivity by constantly investing in the R&D department of our company, adapting the equipment in our production area to modern technology, raising young generations and investing in people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an institution, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society in which we live. Our companies are sensitive to the environment, protect the environment for today's and tomorrow's generations, comply with applicable environmental protection laws and regulations, and work in accordance with the legislation on the occupational health and safety. As a natural result of the contribution provided to us by the society in which we have developed and our duty of loyalty, we stand by its values.


Our companies have aimed to disclose accurate and comparable information to the competent institutions and organizations in a timely manner in an understandable and concrete manner. We aim to share information, especially through our R&D center, with the principle of “knowledge grows when shared”.

Customer Focus

The satisfaction of our clients determines our success. We offer our know-how and the most appropriate solutions to our clients so that we ensure that the best service is provided to them in a quickly and effective manner.

Productivity and Efficiency

We are aware of the importance of working discipline in order to realize our strategies. With the awareness that scientific production should be put at the service of society, we put creating added value among our priorities. We accept being measurable as the indispensable conditions of the scientific approach.

Continuous Improvement

In order to ensure excellence, we have adopted the principle of continuous improvement, taking into account the feedback we receive from our customers. In this context, we aim to continuously improve and develop all our activities, and look to the future with hope and try to reach perfection.