Human Resources Policy

The HR Policy of Aydınlar Gear&Machine, which believes that its most important and valuable capital is human resources, is based on “creating an employee profile that is expert in their profession, highly motivated, socially competent and on creating added value, managing human resources correctly, guiding, motivating and developing”.



  • To implement fair and honest practices, including equal opportunity, for our employees in all processes, starting from the selection process for recruitment,
  • To employ the right people in the right positions,
  • To prioritize the human resources within the company for new positions,
  • To ensure that the employees take on tasks appropriate to their knowledge and abilities,
  • To keep the morale and motivation of employees at all levels at the highest level and to create family awareness,
  • To create a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational health and safety,
  • To identify training needs for employees, and to prepare and implement training programs,
  • To evaluate performance of employees and reward them, based on objective criteria, 
  • To offer internship opportunities to university students,
  • To provide a free communication environment,
  • To protect and develop all personal benefits of the employees.
  • To systematically review, develop and update the policies related to Human Resources Management.